Laboratory for Psychology, Hearing, Acoustics and Music [PHAM] (Laboratory Leader: Minoru Tsuzaki)


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"Welcome to the PHAM home page.   You will be interested in our lab. , if you want to know more about the 'sound' world."

Minoru Tsuzaki
Kyoto City University of Arts

What do you hear?

The answer to the above question may be different depending on who you are, or what sorts of interest you have about hearing.
There are lots of sounds around us.  Music, instrumental sounds, speech, voices, footsteps, howling of wolves, traffic noise, crying of a baby, the booming of the sea, ...
As PHAM is settled in the faculty of "music" of Kyoto City University of Arts, you may suppose that our reseach interest lies in the perception of music.  You are right, but only partially :-)  We are are much more interested in sounds themselves than music, and we also believe that we could enjoy music more and more as we understand more deeply how we hear various sounds.  If you feel sympathetic with us, you will become a nice friend of ours.

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